English language and computer training for youth workers 1

KERIC hosted 10 youth workers from all over Slovakia during the period of 20 to 24 October 2009. They came here to learn about EVS, improve their English conversation and computer skills needed for hosting EVS volunteers in their organisations in the future. 

During the computer sessions they created a blog with pictures, outputs and other info about the training - keric09.blogspot.com . English was practised in the classroom with special emphasis on conversation and useful EVS vocabulary topics (personal info, accommodation, food, arranging a meeting, travelling, everyday objects, etc.) Outside of the English classroom, the participants practised English conversation and learned about EVS in an informal way during evenings spent with our EVS volunteer team.  The second part of the training will take place between 6 and 10 December 2009.  


Information meetings for EVS


Anybody, thinking of becoming an EVS volunteer needs to come to the information meeting to find out detailed info about EVS and our current projects all over the world.


KERIC on facebook

You can find details about our activities also on our facebook page.

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